Former Congressman Scott Taylor to help Americans get out of Afghanistan

HAMPTON ROADS, Va – Chaos is in Kabul, Afghanistan as the Taliban have seized control of most of the country, after Afghanistan’s president, Ashraf Ghani left the country after vowing not to give up the achievements of the past two decades.
Former Congressman Scott Taylor, who served several years on the U.S. Navy SEAL Team, says he’s doing everything to help get Americans out of Afghanistan.
“I’ve been spending all day, the last 7 hours trying to call every contact I have to get people out of that country. It’s a big mess. It’s a massive mess at the airport,” Taylor said.
Kabul’s International Airport is closed to commercial flights. U.S. forces now have control over air traffic control at Kabul’s airport, in addition to expanding security there.
“I’ve been helping to lay on contracted private airfare to get in there and get people out. Frankly, people don’t care where they go, they just want to get out,” the former Congressman tells News 3’s Leondra Head.
The former congressman says he plans to fly to the country to get Americans out.