Retired Navy SEAL blasts Biden amid Afghanistan collapse: ‘Absolutely ashamed’ of American leadership

SCOTT TAYLOR: I am absolutely ashamed of the leadership of my country right now, not the men and women in uniform who are on the ground and others who are civilians that are helping that are working hard to save lives. But I’m absolutely baffled that no one has been fired, astounded that there [have] been zero resignations in protest…Biden didn’t have a binary choice. It wasn’t ‘should we stay or should we go?’ He had a range of options and strategies, and what occurred is an epic failure that could lead to the largest American hostage situation in our nation’s history.
The reality is the Taliban is on their best behavior right now, and that’s not very good…the only reason for that is because of the thousands of American troops that are there right now. When we leave, I think all hell is going to break loose, and I think this nation needs leaders elected, needs leaders appointed, who are willing to walk through the fires of hell to get American citizens out safe…I got to tell you, I want to ask you, Brian, and ask your audience. We have an operation going on right now that could save the lives of hundreds of women and children right now…I’m asking for your prayers for success.